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Picea mariana (Mill.) Britton & al.
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40. September 21, 2011. The trunk of a black
spruce with typical rough, reddish-brown
bark. Note the lighter smooth bark of the
white spruce in the background.

41. June 13, 2011. Female cones. The tree
undermined by stream flow and had toppled.
This is a view of the top of a horizontal tree.

42.  June 9, 2012.  A black spruce with an
unopened cone on a side branch.

43.  August 2, 2012.  A spruce tree on Eagle
Summit. The summit is above treeline.  There
are at least a dozen spruce trees on the summit
some with gaps between the upper branches
and the branches in contact with the
ground and others with only lower branches.


44.  May 30, 2013.  Picea glauca on the left,
Picea mariana on the right.  Note that on
this specimen of mariana there are new
cones at the ends of older branches.



Picea mariana
45.  May 23, 2016.  Roadside tree infected
with spruce broom rust.

Photo 40 taken at 9.5 mile Portage
Creek Road.

Photo 41 taken along Upper Half
Dollar Creek.

Photo 42 taken 1 mile south of Portage
Latitude: N 65° 24' 40.41"
Longitude: W 144° 44' 48.7"
Altitude: 855 m.

Photo 43 taken on Eagle Summit
near the beginning of the Pinnell
Mountain Trail.
65° 29.0' N, 145° 25.1' W
Elev. 3600 ft.

Photo 44 taken south of Central
65°  33.84' N,  144° 48.46' W
Elev. 950 ft





Photo 45 taken adjacent to the
north side of the Steese Highway
between Twelvemile and Eagle summits.
Probably between Reed Creek and the
North Fork of Twelvemile Creek.

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