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The higher levels of the taxonomic system(s) are a mess.
Several systems are currently in use.
This diagram from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_(biology))
may help by adding another layer of chaos to an already chaotic situation.

M. Rivera & J. Lake 2004, The ring of life provides evidence for a
genome fusion origin of eukaryotes Nature 431, 152-155.

For those who care (also from Wikipedia), A eukaryote is any organism whose cells contain
a nucleus and other structures (organelles) enclosed within membranes.

ITIS lists 6 kingdoms: Animalia, Chromista, Fungi, Monera, Plantae and Protozoa.

The Catalogue of Life lists 8 kingdoms: Animalia, Archeae, Bacteria, Chromista,
Fungi, Plantae, Protozoa and Viruses.

The bumps (a semiscientific term) arising from the northwest (a geographical term)
of Protista indicate the possibliity of additionl kingdoms.

This brings us to the species gracing the Other button, Brefieldia maxima, which is
listed in Wikipedia as being in the Kingdom, Amoebozoa.  In other places in Wikipedia,
Amoebozoa is considered a subphylem of Protozoa.

Anyway, Brefieldia maxima is a slime mold and is related to the Blob and as far
as I am concerned, just click on the damned button.