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Marchantia polymorpha L.

16 photos.
A primitave non-vascular plant known as the "green-tongue liverwort", "common liverwort" and "umbrella liverwort". 
It is one of the first plants to colonize areas which have been burned, often covering the ground to the
exclusion of all other species.  Eventually it is replaced by larger species.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 15587









1. Photo showing the thalli of the species
along with the antheridiophores
(flat-topped male reproductive structure) and
the archegoniophores (fingered umbrella-like
female reproductive structure).

2. Thalli with gemmae cups containing gemmae
with which the plant reproduces asexually.

3. Another photo showing the various structures
with last year's archegoniophores along with
the current crop. Fireweed has begun to
displace the liverworts.

4. Mosses and Equisetum scirpoides, a horsetail
known as the dwarf scouring rush beginning
to crowd out the liverwort.

5. May 14, 2009. Plants with the remains of
plants from the previous years. Antheridiophores
at an early stage.

6. Close-up of male and female plants from a
different cropping . of photo 1.

7. May 26, 2010. A group of plants with the
thalli and many antheridiophores and a few
archegoniophores from last year.

8.  April 8, 2012.  Antheridiophores at an
early stage;  Dried Betula neoalaskana bracts
from female catkins also present.

9 .  April 8, 2012.  Side view of a portion
of the plant cluster in photo 8

10 .  April 9, 2012.  Thalli, just recovering from
winter with gemmae, some in the cups and
others scattered about.

11 .  April 9, 2012.  Closer view of the gemmae
and cups in photo 10.

12 .  April 28, 2012.  A group of plants which
were temporarily under water.  Antheridiophores
are at various stages and there are a few
gemmae cups.

13 .  April 28, 2012.  Close-up of a thallus
with a gemmae cup.

14 .  April 28, 2012.  Profile view of some of the
plants in photo 12 showing the stalks on the

15 .  April 28, 2012.  No idea, but it was
removed from the cluster of plants part of
which were shown in photo 12.

16.  June 11, 2014.  A group of plants with the
thalli and many antheridiophores, a few
developing archegoniophores and
archegoniophores from last year (white).

Photos 1 and 6 taken near 136 mile Steese

Photos 2 and 5 taken on the bluff southeast
of the lake south of 134 mile Steese Highway

Photos 3 and 4 taken between Seventeenmile
slough and the Birch Creek pingo.
65° 42.3' N, 144° 23.6' W
Elev. 700 ft.

Photos 7 and 16 taken on the trail-survey
line leading to the thaw lake south of
134 mile Steese Highway.
65° 35.8' N, 144° 36.729' W
Elev. 900 ft.

Photos 8-11 taken at the
museum in Central.
65°  34.3' N,  144° 48.6' W
Elev. 950 ft.

Photos 12-15 taken south of Central
65° 33.84' N, 144° 48.46' W
Elev. 950 ft.