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Huperzia haleakalae (Brack.) Holub
Huperzia selago (L.) Bernh.

6 Photos
Also known as the "Pacific fir moss" and "Pacific club moss" This plant has been misidentified
as H. selago.  According to ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 202452 H. selago is not found in Alaska and
those former subspedies of H. selago (now H. miyoshiana and H. occidentalis) which are found in Alaska
are not found in the interior.  GBIF shows many specimens identified as H. selago in our area but this is probably
due to mistakes in identification.  H. haleakalae has no history of being a subspecies of H. selago.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 503076

1.  June 9, 2008.  Multiple multi-stemmed plants.








2.  July 29, 2009.  High angle photo.  The
green upper portion of the plant is the
current annual growth.

3.  July 29, 2009.  Close-up profile view of a
branch from photo 2.  The reproductive
structures are in a pseudowhorl at the top.

4.  July 29, 2009.  High angle photo with a
coin for comparison.

5.  July 29, 2009.  A single plant removed
from soil to show root structure.



6.  May 30, 2010.  Multi-stemmed plant
photographed from a high angle.







Photo 1taken on the Central
side of Eagle Summit.
65°  30.08' N,   145°  22.84' W
Elev. 3700 ft.

Photos 2-5 takenabove the Pinnell
Mountain Trail near milepost 2.
Latitude: N 65° 29' 37.689"
Longitude: W 145° 28' 11.407"
Altitude: 1272.52 m.

Photo 6 taken on a ridge southeast
of Eagle Summit between Baker Gulch
and Miller Fork of Eagle Creek.
Latitude: N 65° 28' 5.892"
Longitude: W 145° 21' 5.204"
Altitude: 1219.57 m.