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Woodsia ilvensis (L.) R. Br.

11 photos.
This is the "rusty cliff fern" also known as the "rusty Woodsia" or "oblong Woodsia".
It hybridizes with Woodsia alpina.  The genus Woodsia is now placed in the family
Woodsiaceae, the cliff ferns.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 17741

1.  May 22, 2011.  Several clusters of plants surrounding a rock.









2.  May 22, 2011.  A cluster of plants
with stems from a previous year visible
in the foreground. Leaves are just turning

3.  May 22, 2011.  Closer view of another

4.  May 22, 2011.  Stem with the undersurface"
of the frond visible, showing the hairlike
indusia which protect the spores

5.  May 22, 2011.  Similar to photo 4 but the
indusia are more highly developed. Note the
scales on the rachis.

6.  May 22, 2011.  A leaf with both the upper
and lower surfaces of the pinnae visible.

7.  May 30, 2012.  Close-up of the
under-surface of a frond.

8. June 9, 2012.  four fronds just uncurling.

9.  June 9, 2012.  A cluster of fronds
with dead fronds from the previous year.

10.  June 9, 2012.  Upper section of a frond
prior to sporulation.  Scales on rachis

11.  August 10, 2012.  Section of a frond.
Indusia absent showing the underlying
structures.  Also visible, the scales
and hairs on the rachis.

Photos 1-7 taken on the SW side of the
mountain identified by USGS as Eagle Summit.
Latitude: N 65° 28' 49.5"
Longitude: W 145° 23' 53.8"
Altitude: 1098 m.

Photos 8-10 taken 1.5 miles
southwest of Portage Summit.
Latitude: N 65° 24' 44.1"
Longitude: W 144° 45' 5.7"
Altitude: 944 m.

Photo 11taken along upper Half
Dollar Creek.
Latitude: N 65° 25' 18.9"
Longitude: W 144° 45' 42.5"
Altitude: 657 m.