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Woodsia glabella R. Br. ex Richards.
7 photos
The "smooth cliff fern" a small, perennial fern. The genus Woodsia is now placed in the family
Woodsiaceae, the cliff ferns.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 17739

Woodsia glabella
1. May 28, 2008.  Several plants with lichens (Cladonia) and Saxifraga reflexa.








Woodsia glabella
2.  May 29, 2008.  Several plants against a
granite cliff.

Woodsia glabella
3. May 28, 2008. Nestled with saxifrages, mosses,
Cladonias and other lichens, this little fern has
less litter from previous years than D. fragrans.

Woodsia glabella
4.  May 28, 2009. Very early growth adjacent
to Marchantia polymorpha with gemmae cups.

5.  May 31, 2014.  Several fronds shaded
by granite cliffs.

6.  May 31, 2014.  Several  more fronds.

7.  May 31, 2014.  Close-up of a
section of a frond.

All photos taken along Upper Bottom
Dollar Road.
65°  25.2' N,   144°  48.5' W
Elev. 1900 ft.