2.  May 25, 2008.  This photo taken in late-May reveals the fiddleheads from this year as well as the older growth which wintered over.

4.  June 11, 2006.  A cluster of plants.   Note the dead fronds from previous years.


6.  September 24, 2006.  Plant with last year's dead fronds, fronds which have just died and the fronds which may  make it through the winter

8.  May 31, 2014.  Close-up of fiddleheads
in photo 7.


3.  June 25, 2008.  This is a good example of why this fern is sometimes called the "cliff fern".


5.  May 21, 2003.  Front and back views of the fronds showing the sori on the back of the frond.

7.  May 31, 2014  Plant with fiddleheads,
last year's growth and previous dead







All photos taken along or above
Upper Bottom Dollar Road
65°  25' N,   144°  49' W
Elev. 2000-2100 ft.

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Dryopteris fragrans (L) Schott
8 photos
A small fern known as the "fragrant shield fern", "fragrant woodfern", "fragrant cliff woodfern",
"fragrant cliff fern", etc.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 17536

1.  April 17, 2007.  Note the dead fronds and also the fronds with their sori
which have wintered over and are beginning to turn green.