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Sparganium angustifolium Michx.

8 photos.
An aquatic species known as the "floating bur-reed" or "narrow-leaf bur-reed".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 42318

1.  July 7. 2006.  Plant on the margin of a drying pond.








2.  July 6, 2007.  A plant in the same pond
in a wetter period.  Other identifiable species
are Hippuris vulgaris and Ranunculus
gmelinii.  Photos 2-8 taken on this date.

3.  Another plant.

4.  A plant photographed on the Steese Highway

5.  Closer view of the upper portion of
the plant in photo 4.

6.  Still closer.

7.  Close-up of the fruit

8.  Closer view of the lower portion
of the plant.

Photos 1-8 taken roadside pond at
133.5 mi Steese highwsy
65°35.764' N,  144°37.268' W
Elev. 987 ft.

Photo 9 taken at approximately 150 mile
Steese highway.

9.  July 12, 2004.   A section of a plant in bloom.
This photograph was taken on an excursion to
Circle, Alaska.  The orange color is due to smoke
from a wildland fire.  Large pieces of charred
spruce needles were falling and there was little
light due to the smoke. the fire crossed the highway
a few miles closer to Central later that evening.
The fire passed Central on August 12, 2004.