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Penstemon gormanii Greene

8 photos.
A beautiful dry-hillside plant known as the "Yukon Beardtongue", "Gorman's Beardtongue" and "Gorman's
Penstemon".  Penstemon gormanii Greene has been moved to the family Plantaginaceae according to the
ITIS Standard Report for Taxonomic Serial No. 33907.








1.  June 7, 2009.  Close-up view of a
single blossom.  Note the different
colored hairs on the style.

2.  June 7, 2009.  Close-up view of a
single blossom from a slightly different
angle to show the stamens.

3.  June 7, 2009.  Top view of a blossom with

4.  June 7, 2009.  A blossom cluster
photographed from above.

5.  June 7, 2009.  A cluster of buds.

6.  June 7, 2009.  An entire plant.

1.  June 7, 2009.  A multi-stemmed plant.

8.  June 7, 2009.  Another multi-stemmed
plant with blossoms of a slightly different color.

All photos taken along the Steese Highway
just east of the Birch Creek bridge.
Latitude: N 65° 42' 42.00"
Longitude: W 144° 19' 1.1757"
Altitude: 242.59 m.