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Pedicularis verticillata L.

10 photos.
A tall alpine species known as the "whorled lousewort" or "verticillate lousewort".
  Pedicularis verticillata L. has been moved to the family Orobanchaceae according the
ITIS Standard Report for Taxonomic Serial No. 33358.








1.  Late June.  Several plants in full bloom.

2.  Late June.  Close-up view of the upper
stem of one of the plants in photo 1.

3.  Late June.  Close-up of one of the whorls
on the right-hand plant in photo 1.  Both
the stem leaves and blossoms are whorled.

4.  Late June.  Base of plant showing the
taproot and the long-petioled basal leaves.

5.  Early July.  Three red upper stems with blooms.

6.  Early July.  Close-up of the left-hand
inflorescence in photo 5.

7.  Mid-August.  Developing capsules.  Note
how the stem changes color at the lowest

8.  July 11, 2009.  Multi-stemmed plant in full

9.  July 11, 2009.  Close-up of one of the
blossoms in photo 8.

10.  July 2, 2009.  Plant in late stage of

Photos 1-9 taken in a ravine near
Twelvemile Summit.
65° 23.6' N, 145° 58.8' W
Elev. 2950 ft.

Photo 10 taken along the pipeline
service road, 8 miles south of Coldfoot.
67° 10.14' N, 150° 20.5' W
Elev. 950 ft.