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Pedicularis sudetica Willd.

15 photos.
Both an alpine and lowland species known as "fernweed", "Sudeten lousewort" or "Sedetic lousewort".
The species is tall and leafy at lower elevations. Four of the five subspecies are found in Alaska.
Pedicularis sudetica Willd. has been moved to the family Orobanchaceae according the
ITIS Standard Report for Taxonomic Serial No.33357.

1.  Early June.  A long-stemmed leafy lowland plant with pale-pink inflorescences.








2.  Mid-May.  Sprouting alpine stems.

3.  Early June.  Two alpine flower heads prior
to blooming

4.  Late June.  A three-stemmed lowland plant
with woolly flower heads prior to blooming.

5.  Late June.  Close-up of one of the woolly
flower heads in photo 4.

6.  Early June.  A multi-stemmed lowland plant.

7.  Early June.  Late stage inflorescence of
a lowland plant.

8.  Early June.  Possibly the same inflorescence
seen in photo 7 but from a higher angle.

9.  Mid-June.  High-angle view of an alpine

10.  Early June.  Close-up of leaves from a
lowland plant.

11.  Late May.  The remains of an alpine flower
head from a previous year.

12.  June 1, 2009.  An upland plant prior
to blooming.

13.  June 15, 2009.  A large group of lowland

14.  July 11, 2009.  An upland plant in the
woolly stage prior to blooming.   Compare to
photo 4.

15.  June 25, 2012.  An alpine roadside cluster
of stems in bloom.

Photos 1, 4-8 and 10 taken at 6.5 mile
Circle Hot Springs Road.
65°  30.1' N,  144° 40.7' W
Elev. 900 ft.

Photos 2,  11, 12 and 15 taken on Eagle
Summit at the Pinnell trailhead road.
65° 29.03' N, 145° 24.52' W
Elev. 3600 ft.

Photos 3, 9 and 14 taken on the Central
side of Eagle Summit.
65°  30.08' N,   145°  22.84' W
Elev. 3700 ft.

Photo 13 taken at 7.5 mile Circle
Hot Springs road.
65°  29.4' N,  144° 39.6' W
Elev. 950 ft.




Photo 15 taken on Eagle Summit
at the Pinnell trailhead road.
65° 29.03' N, 145° 24.52' W
Elev. 3600 ft.