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Pedicularis lanata Cham. & Schlecht
Pedicularis kanei Dur.

29 photos.
A common species found on mountains and passes throughout the area known as the
"woolly lousewort" or "bumble-bee flower".   Pedicularis lanata Cham. and Schlect.
has been moved to the family Orobanchaceae according the
ITIS Standard Report for Taxonomic Serial No. 33364.

1.  Early June.  A large group of plants in an alpine meadow.








2.  May 18, 2009.  A plant just sprouting.  Note
the reddish brown leaves.

3.  May 18, 2009.  Another plant  with the woolly
stem emerging from the basal leaves.

4.  Mid-May.  A plant at the same stage as
the plant in photo 3 but with light green
leaves and bracts.

5.  Mid-May.  Another young plant with leaves
having a green middle with reddish brown pinnate

6.  Mid-May.  A pair of different young plants.
The red flowers are just visible through the
wool on the right plant.

7.  Late May.  A pair of very woolly young
plants with green leaves.

8.  Late May.  Two very small plants just
beginning to bloom.

9.  Mid-May.  A plant with a few red
blossoms at the top.

10.  Mid-May.  Top view of a plant
similar to the plant in photo 9.

11.  Late May.  A plant with an elongated
stem.  Note that the basal leaves have
separated as the stalk has elongated.  Again
the top os the stalk blooms first.

12.  Late May.  Another plant similar to the
plant in photo 11with even more separation
of the basal leaves.

13.  Late May.  A plant in bloom over half
of its visible length.  the degree of separation
of the basal leaves is hidden by wool.

14.  Mid-June.  Several plants in full bloom.

15.  Late May.  A young plant with pink

16.  Late May.  A single blossom from the
plant in photo 15.

17.  Late May.  Top view of a pink-blossomed
plant in bloom.

18.  Early June.  A pink-blossomed plant.
The blossoms are drying out.

19.  Mid-June.  Another pink-blossomed plant
with drying blossoms.  Note how the stem
has elongated

20.  Mid June.  A plant with drying
white blossoms.  The plant was rooted
in moss.

21.  Mid-June.  The entire plant in photo 20.
Note the long taproot.

22.  Mid June.  A cluster of red-blossomed plants
which are going to seed.

23.  Early June.  Another cluster of plants
with withered blossoms.

24.  Mid-June.  Close-up view of a plant similar to
the plant in photo 23 with a good view
of the developing capsules.

25.  Late June.  Another plant with developing
capsules.  Note the red color
of the leaves, bracts and stem.

26.  June 5, 2009.  A light red plant with
stamens ready for business.

27.  June 5, 2009.  Top view of the plant in
photo 26.

28.  June 1, 2009.  A plant with unusual blossoms
having a pink galea and white lower lip.

29.  June 1, 2009.  Top view of the plant
in photo 28

30.  May 24, 2012.  Red-leaved plant in
bloom behind a sprouting red-leaved plant

31.  May 24, 2012.  Close-up of the inflorescence
of the plant in photo 30.

32.  May 30, 2012.  Another plant with
green leaves.

Photos 1, 14, 18, 19, 23, 25, 28 and 29
taken on the Central
side of Eagle Summit.
65°  30.08' N,   145°  22.84' W
Elev. 3700 ft.

Photos 2 and 3 taken on Eagle Summit
at the Pinnell trailhead road.
65° 29.03' N, 145° 24.52' W
Elev. 3600 ft.

Photo 4 taken on
Twelvemile Summit.
65°  23.84' N,   145°  59.36' W
Elev. 3150 ft.

Photos 5, 6, 9 and 10 taken southwest of
Eagle Summit in the gravel pit
above the headwaters of Bates Creek.
65°  27.5' N,   145°  25.9' W
Elev. 3300 ft

Photos 7, 8, 11, 13 and 15-17
taken in the saddle between
the Left Fork of Mastodon Fork of
Eagle Creek and Baker Gulch.
65° 27.45' N,  145° 21.43' W
Elev. 3950 ft.

Photo 12 taken along the Pinnell Mountain
trail between 2 mile and 3 mile.

Photos 20 and 21 taken on a ridge southeast
of Eagle Summit between Baker Gulch
and Miller Fork of Eagle Creek.
65°  27.735' N,  145°  21.743' W
Elev. 4050 ft.

Photo 22 taken 1.5 miles northeast
of Portage Summit.
65° 26.46' N, 144° 47.50' W
Elev. 2650 ft.

Photo 24, the only lowland photo
of this species taken near Circle
Hot Springs.

Photos 26 and 27 taken  on the east side
of the mountain labeled Eagle Summit.
65° 28.7' N, 145° 22.7' W
Elev. 3800 ft.

Photos 30 and 31 taken on Portage Summit
65° 25.75' N, 144° 44.25' W
Elev. 2600 ft.

Photo 32 taken in the saddle between
Miller Fork of Eagle Creek and Miller Creek.
Latitude: N 65° 28' 36.9"
Longitude: W 145° 22' 30.2"
Altitude: 1145 m.