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Castilleja elegans Malte

13 photos.
A beautiful, hairy, multi-stemmed, higher-elevation species known as the"elegant paintbrush",
"elegant Indian paintbrush", or "red paintbrush".  A seen in photo 2 below the color is variable.
Castilleja elegans Malte has been moved to the family Orobanchaceae according the
ITIS Standard Report for Taxonomic Serial No. 33111.

1.  All photos taken in mid-June.  A twin-stemmed plant of the lighter color variety.








2.  Several plants, all multi-stemmed.  Note the
color variation from near to far.

3.  Twin-stemmed plant of the light-colored

4.  Close-up view of a plant similar to the
one in photo 3.

5.  Close-up of a light-colored inflorescence.

6.  Multi-stemmed plant with redder
inflorescences than those in photos 1 and 3-5.

7.  Close-up, possibly of an inflorescence from
the plant in photo 6.

8.  Dark-red, multi-stemmed plant.

9.  Higher-angle view of a three-stemmed,
dark-red plant

10.  Close-up top view of a dark-red inflorescence.

11.  A twin-stemmed plant with last
year's seed capsules in the background.

12.  Closeup of the inflorescence on one
of the stems in photo 11.

13.  Extreme closeup of an individual blossom
on the plant in photos 11 and 12.

All photos taken on a mountain top
6 miles southeast of Portage Summit.
65° 24.188' N,  144° 36.086' W
Elev. 3500 ft.