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Castilleja caudata (Pennell) Rebr.

8 photos.
This multi-stemmed species, known as the "pale Indian paintbrush" or "Port Clarence Indian paintbrush" is often seen
along roads in our area.  It is also found on many of the mountains throughout the region.
Castilleja caudata (Pennell) Rebr. has been moved to the family Orobanchaceae according the
ITIS Standard Report for Taxonomic Serial No. 33050.








1.  Mid-June.  One or two multi-stemmed

2.  Mid June.  Many stems.  Possibly a
single plant.

3.  Mid June.  Close-up of the elongated

4.  Mid-June.  A pair of stems shown with
A. friesiana.

5.  Late June.  Probably a multi-stemmed plant.

6.  Late June.  Top view of the plant in
photo 5.

7.  Late June.  Side view of at least two plants.

Photos 1-3 taken along the Steese
highway east of Eagle Summit.

Photo 4 taken 1.5 miles northeast
of Portage Summit.
65° 26.46' N, 144° 47.50' W
Elev. 2650 ft.

Photos 5-7 taken on a mountain top
1.5 miles southeast of Portage Summit.
65°  25.3' N,   144°  42.0' W
Elev.  2700 ft.