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Saxifraga flagellaris ssp. platysepala (Trautv.) A.E. Porsild
Saxifraga platysepala (Trautv.) Tolm.

2 photos.
The "broad sepal saxifrage" is a small alpine plant with a basal rosette
and red stolons ending in buds which root to form new plants.  S. platysepala was
formerly a subspecies of S. flagellaris and once again ITIS uses that designation.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 24270








1.  July 9, 2006.  A blossom and a bud.
Note that the stem leaves are broader
than those in S. flagellaris.  They are glandular
and purple.  The sepals are broader and a bit

2.  July 9, 2006  The base of the plant in
photo 1 showing the basal rosette and
the stolens.
Both photos taken above the Pinnell
Mountain Trail near milepost 2.
65° 29.55' N, 145° 28.04' W
Elev. 4050 ft.