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Micranthes lyallii (Engl.) Small
Saxifraga lyallii ssp. hultenii (Calder & Savile) Calder & Taylor

16 photos.
The "red-stemmed saxifrage" or "lyall's saxifrage" is a mid-elevation species which sometimes
has red stems.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 517091

1.  Early June.  A cluster of blossoms and buds.  The sepals on the buds are green with a hint of red.








2.  Late May.  A bud and a blossom at an early
stage with the anthers intact and the twin styles
beginning to split.  The blossom
in the background has two follicles which have
turned red.  Note the red sepals on the buds.

3.  Late May.  Buds and blossoms at various stages
with red anthers, shriveled brown anthers and no
anthers.  Twin styles have developed on most of
the blossoms and some are turning red.

4.  Early June.  A bedraggled blossom with
deformed filaments, anthers and styles.   The
petals are drying.  The adjacent blossom is
also in bad shape.

5.  Early June.  Many maturing follicles.  Usually
two follicles develop on each blossom.

6.  Late May.  A multi-stemmed plant.  Note
that the stems vary in color.  The leaves are
often red on the underside and sometimes
reddish on the top.

7.  Late May.  A closer view from another
angle of the stems in photo 6.  A good view
of the red sepals on the buds.

8.  Early June.  Two plants, one with multiple
stems.  The multi-stemmed plant has green
stems while the other plant has a red stem.

9.  Late May.  An entire plant with dark
brown roots.  Note the one red leaf with the
others being partially red or green.

10.  Late May.  Closer view of the base of
the plant in photo 9.

11.  Late May.  Three leaves from the plant
in photos 9 and 10.  The middle leaf is seen
from the underside.

12.  Base of two plants with red, hairy
stems.  The tops of the leaves are green and red,
however as can be seen on the margins of the
green leaves, the bottoms of the leaves are red.

13.  May 20, 2009.  A small plant which has
just sprouted.

14.  May 20, 2009.  Another plant removed from
the soil to show the root structure.

15.  May 20, 2009.  Profile view of the plant in
photo 14.

16.  May 20, 2009.  Leaves from the plant in
Photos 14 and 15.

All photos taken on the Ketchem Rocks.
A series of granite tors located
six miles south of Central, Alaska.
65°  29.1' N,  144° 45.2' W
Elev. 1300 ft.