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Saxifraga flagellaris ssp. setigera (Pursh) Tolm.

5 photos.
The "spider plant" or "whiplash saxifrage" is a small alpine plant with basal rosette
and red stolons ending in buds which root to form new plants.  For Saxifraga flagellaris ssp.
platysepala (Trautv.) A.E. Porsild see Saxifraga polysephala.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 24271

1.  Probably July.  A single rosette with 8 stolons appearing to march
across a parking lot in search of prey.  The 8 stolons are a coincidence. 
The plant was removed from tundra for photographic purposes.








Photo 2 transferred to Saxifraga




Photo 3 transferred to Saxifraga




4.  July 11, 2009.  Profile view of a plant
with stolons.

5.  July 11, 2009.  Close-up of the stolons
in photo 4.

6.  July 11, 2009.  Another plant with

7.  July 11, 2009.  Several blossoms.

Photo 1 taken in a small parking area
above the eastern end of Eagle Summit.
65° 29.97' N,  145 °23.12' W
Elev. 3800 ft.

Photos 4-7 taken on Eagle Summit on the
hillside across the Steese highway
from the Pinnell trailhead road.
65° 29.00' N, 145° 24.35' W
Elev. 3650 ft.