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Parnassia palustris L.
Parnassia palustris var. tenuis Wahlenb.

10 photos.
The "northern grass of Parnassus', "marsh grass of Parnassus" or "bog star is
a multi-stemmed species with long, thin stems, each having a single, sessile stem leaf.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 24206

1.   August 16, 2008.  A single blossom in late bloom.  The capsule is enlarged, the veined petals are still present as are
the staminodia (sterile stamens).  The calyx lobes are visible beneath the petals and above each
lobe, between the aggregates of staminodia is a white filament, the remains of a fertile stamen.








2.  July 12 2008.  The center of a blossom in
early bloom.  Four of the fertile stamens
are still protecting the ovary.  The remaining
stemens will lift off in sequence.

3.  August 16, 2008.  a different view of the
blossom in photo 1 showing the details
of the veined petals.

4. August 16, 2008 Side view of the blossom
in photos 1 and 3 with a petal removed to
show the base of the organ bearing the

5.  July 31, 2006.  A blossom after the
petals have been shed.  Note the 5 filaments
from the fertile stamens above the sepals. 
The red cross at the tip of the capsule is
unusual both in color and in its 4-fold
radial symmetry

6.  July 12 2008.  An entire single-stemmed plant
showing the position of the single stem leaf
on the elongated stem.  The basal leaves
have gone thither and yond.

7.  June 8, 2007.  A multi-stemmed plant with
one elongated stem with bud and numerous
short stems with buds. 

8. June 8, 2007.  Close-up of the base of
the plant in photo 7. Note the positions
of the stem leaves on the shortest stems
and how they initially protect the
flower buds.

9.  August 12, 2009.  A mature capsule
with Seeds.

10.  August 19, 2012.  Close-up view of
some seeds.

All photos taken south of Central
65°  33.84' N,  144° 48.46' W
Elev. 950 ft.