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Galium boreale L.

11 photos.
A common species with many fragrant flowers known as "northern bedstraw", "Lady's bedstraw",
"goosegrass" or "snow bedstraw.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 565204








1.  Early June.  Terminal cluster in bud.

2.  Late June.  Terminal cluster with
red-sepaled buds.

3.  Early June.  A plant in the bud stage.

4.  Late June.  A plant in the late bud stage
with a few open blossoms.

5.  Mid-July  A plant in full bloom. Note
the range of the blossom clusters on the stem.

6.  Mid-July.  Close-up of the blossoms on
the plant in photo 5.

7.  Mid-August.  A plant which has lost
its petals.

8.  Early August.  Plant with developing
seed capsules.

9.  Mid-August.  Plant with seed capsules
beginning to show fall color.

10.  Mid-August.  Close-up of plant in
photo 9.

11.  Early June.  Base of a plant showing
whorled leaves and branching stem.

All photos taken along Upper Bottom
Dollar Road.
65°  25.2' N,   144°  48.5' W
Elev. 1900 ft.