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Sibbaldia procumbens L.

8 photos.
A creeping plant with unusual leaves and tiny yellow flowers known as the "creeping glow-wort",
"creeping Sibbaldia", or "prostrate Sibbaldia".  Since there is only one species in the genus it is sometimes referred
to as "Sibbaldia"

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 25308

1.  Early July.  Leaves and a blossom.  Note the red tips on the teeth of the leaves.








2.  Early July.  Leaves and blossom with a
coin for comparison.

3.  Early July.  A plant with a blossom pair.
Note the creeping nature of the plant.

4. July 11, 2009.  Close-up view of a blossom
showing stamens and ovaries with protruding

5. July 11, 2009.  Close-up side view of
three blossoms.

6. July 11, 2009.  Side view of a group
of plants.

7. July 11, 2009.  Top view of several

8. July 11, 2009.  Plants from photo 7 at
the top with Rhodiola integrifolia below
and Angelica lucida at the bottom.
All photos taken above a ravine near
Twelvemile Summit.
65° 23.6' N, 145° 58.6' W
Elev.3050 ft.