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Potentilla biflora Willd. ex Schlecht.

5 photos.
An alpine species known as the "two-flowered cinquefoil"

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 24667








1.  Early June.  Buds, blossom, and foliage.

2.  Early June.  Blossom and bud with
a good view of the leaves.

3.  Early June.  Cluster of 3 buds at mid-left
of photo.

4.  Early July.  Many blossoms at different

5. Early July.  Close-up of plant(s)
in photo 4.

Photos 1-3 taken along the Pinnell
Mountain Trail near 12.2 mile
65° 29.60' N, 145° 41.01' W
Elev. 4400 ft.

Photos 4 and 5 taken above the Pinnell
Mountain Trail near milepost 2.
65° 29.55' N, 145° 28.04' W
Elev. 4050 ft.