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Dryas octopetala L.

27 photos.
This species is a matted, prostrate, alpine shrub known as the "mountain avens", "white mountain avens",
"eight-petaled dryas"," alpine dryad", etc.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 24619

1.  Late June. A group of blossoms.  The upper left blossom was taken
from a nearby mat to show the color variation of the petals.








2.  Mid-June.  An unusual bud with red
hairs on the sepals.


3.  Early June.  A typical bud with black hairs
on the sepals.  Note the tomentose
flower stem.

4.  Early June.  Blossom at an early stage of
development.  Some of the anthers are beginning
to produce pollen.

5.  Early June.  Fully open blossom with
pollen producing anthers splayed outward.

6.  Early June.  Fully open blossoms with
a visitor.

7.  Early June.  A group of four blossoms.
Center left blossom is at an earlier stage
than the other blossoms.

8.  Late June.  Two blossoms showing a
variation of hair density on the sepals.

9.  Early June.  Top view of a mat in bloom.

10.  Late June.  Side view of a mat in bloom.

11.  Mid-June.  Side view of blossoms
after petals have been shed.

12.  Mid-June.  Close-up of a blossom which
has shed its petals.  This blossom has white
hairs on the edges of the sepals.

13.  Early July.  Another close-up of a blossom
which has shed its petals.  The sepals
have dried and many of the anthers
have detached from their filaments.

14.  Early July.  Another blossom which has
shed its petals.  Note the developing seed head.

15.  Late June.  A developing seed head.

16.  Late June.  A creeping stem with developing
seed head and leaves at intervals.

17.  Late June.  A portion of a mat with
developing seed heads.

18.  Mid-May.  A seed head which has
managed to survive the winter.

19.  April 28, 2009.  Leaves prior to
turning green in the spring.  Many will not
survive and will crumble into powder.

20.  May 18, 2009.  Leaves beginning to
turn green.

21.  June 12, 2009.  Blossom  photographed
from above.  This blossom has more than
8 petals.

22.  June 12, 2009.  Side view of plant
in bloom showing roots.

23.  June 30, 2009.  Unraveling seed head.

24.  July 11, 2009.  Side view of unraveling
seed head.

25.  July 29, 2009.  Seed heads fully
unraveled and ready to disperse seeds.

26.  August 30, 2011.  Leaves in fall color.



27.  July 6, 2013.  Seeding plant at an
early stage.

Photos 1 and 8 taken at approximately 4.5 mile
on the Pinnell Mountain Trail.
65° 31.0' N, 145° 29.3' W
Elev. 4250 ft.

Photos 2-4, 11 and 12 taken 1.5 miles northeast
of Portage Summit.
65° 26.46' N, 144° 47.50' W
Elev. 2650 ft.

Photos 5-7 and 9 taken on Portage Summit
65° 25.75' N, 144° 44.25' W
Elev. 2600 ft.

Photos 10, 18, 23 and 27 taken on the Central
side of Eagle Summit.
65°  30.08' N,   145°  22.84' W
Elev. 3700 ft.

Photos 13 and 14 taken above the Pinnell
Mountain Trail near milepost 2.
65° 29.55' N, 145° 28.04' W
Elev. 4050 ft.


Photos 15-17 taken on a mountain 1.5miles
southeast of Portage Summit.
65°  25.335' N.  144°  42.044' W
Elev. 2728 ft.

Photo 19 taken southwest of Eagle
Summit in the gravel pit
above the headwaters of Bates Creek.
65°  27.5' N,   145°  25.9' W
Elev. 3300 ft.

Photo 20 taken on Eagle Summit
at the Pinnell trailhead.
65° 29.05' N, 145° 24.987' W
Elev. 3650 ft.

Photos 20-21 taken on the
hillside above the right limit of Harrison creek
between Squaw creek and Bottom Dollar creek.
Latitude: N 65° 22' 25.848"
Longitude: W 144° 51' 40.53"
Altitude: 668.73 m.






Photos 24 and 26 taken in a ravine west
of Twelvemile Summit.
65° 23.6' N, 145° 58.8' W
Elev. 2950 ft.

Photo 25 taken at 0.4 mile Pinnell
mountin trail.
Latitude: N 65° 29' 2.432"
Longitude: W 145° 25' 19.887"
Altitude: 1156.36 m.