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Dryas integrifolia Vahl

5 photos.
This is the "entireleaf mountain avens".  According to Hultén the species forms hybrid swarms
with D. octopetala.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 24614








1.  June 2, 2011.  A pair of blossoms.
Many of the stamens in the front blossom
have yet to unroll.

2.  June 2, 2011.  Another single blossom.

3.  June 2, 2011.  Profile view of a
single blossom.  Note how the margins
of the leaves are revolute "curled under".
This is characteristic of the species. 

4 .  June 2, 2011.  A pair of buds at
various stages of maturity.

5.  June 2, 2011.  Profile view of a nearly
open blossom showing the narrow sepals.

All photos taken in a mined area
along Bottom Dollar creek above
the confluence with Half Dollar
Latitude: N 65° 25' 21.040"
Longitude: W 144° 48' 52.829"
Altitude: 559.14 m.