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Ranunculus gmelinii DC.

8 photos.
A tiny, usually floating species known as "Gmelin's buttercup", "yellow water crowfoot", or
"lesser yellow water buttercup".  All species in the genus Ranunculus are considered
toxic if eaten in large quantities and also cause skin irritation.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 504726

1.  Early June. Plant(s) with several buds and blossoms.








2.  Early June.  Side view of a stem with
buds and blossoms and small modified leaves.
This plant was supported by moss which
was in water.

3.  Early June.  Another side view of the stem
in photo 2 showing the clump of moss
which supported the plant.

4.  Early June.  Blossom with stem leaves
in the background.

5.  Early June.  Another blossom.

6.  Early June.  Pond with gmelinii and

7.  Early June.  Closer view of leaves,
buds and blossoms.

8.  Early July.  Stems, blossoms and seed
heads with a few leaves.

All photos taken at a roadside
pond at 133.5 mile Steese Highway.
65°  35.764' N,  144°  37.268' W
Elev. 1000 ft.