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Caltha natans Pall.

5 photos.
The "floating marsh marigold" is not a marigold but it does float.  It blooms from June through September on water
and mud. The species is toxic raw, and the sap is irritating.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 18456








1.  Late August.  A group of plants growing on
a former ATV trail.

2.  Late August.  Closer view.
Note the seed heads at the top center.

3.  July 22, 2009.  Portion of a plant in bloom.

4.  July 22, 2009.  Leaves and seed heads.

5.  July 22, 2009.  Blossom, seed heads,
leaves, stems and bracts.  Also some
leaves and stems of Ranunculus gmellinii.

Both photos taken on the "trail" from
the Circle Hot Springs airport
to Medicine Lake.  Coordinates
unknown but the location is hard to miss.
Bring your snorkel.

Photos 3-5 taken NW of the runway at the
Circle Hot Springs airport.
65° 29.300' N  144° 37.650' W
Elev. 800 ft.