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Aquilegia brevistyla Hook.

8 photos.
This "smallflower columbine" was photographed in a flower bed in Fairbanks in early June.  It was transplanted
from the wild. The University of Alaska Museum of the North has a specimen found in Fairbanks at 8th Avenue and
Cushman Street. The genus Aquilegia is known to have toxic members, although there is no record of brevistyla being

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 18729








1.  Close-up of blossom and small stem leaves

2.  Close-up of blossom from another angle
showing style and stamens.

3.  Close-up of blossom looking down its

4.  Close-up of basal leaves.

5.  July 1, 2009.  Pretty much the whole

6.  July 1, 2009.  A pair of seed heads.

7.  May 16, 2012.  Plant with expanding
bud.  Stems are red.

8.  May 16, 2012.  Close-up of bud
in photo 7.

All photos taken in Fairbanks.