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Anemone parviflora Michx.

12 photos.
An alpine species found in rocky areas and on tundra below snowfields, it is known as the "northern anemone",
"small-flowered anemone" or "small-flowered thimbleweed". 

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 18433








1. Early June.Plants in bloom on rocky

2.  Early June.  Close-up of uppermost
blossom in photo 1.

3.  Late June.  A pair of blossoms.  These plants
are on permafrost and are at an earlier
stage than those photographed in early June.

4.  Late June.  Close-up of blossoms in
photo 3.  Note the hairs on the lower
side of the sepals.

5.  Late June.  Two very hairy stems with

6.  Late June.  Anemone narcissiflora on the
left and Anemone parvaflora on the right.

7.  Early June.  Involucral bracts surrounding
stem with basal leaves below. 

8.  Early June.  A single basal leaf.

9.  June 5, 2009.  A large group of plants
in bloom.

10.  June 5, 2009.  A pair of  basal leaves
with a section of the root.

11.  June 5, 2009.  Seed head after the sepals
have dropped off but with stamens still

12.  June 5, 2009.  Seed head from photo 11
viewed from above.

Photos 1, 2 and 7-12 taken on a ridge just east
of Eagle Summit.
65°  29.5' N,   145°  23.28' W
Elev. 3800 ft.

Photos 3-6 taken on the Central
side of Eagle Summit.
65°  30.08' N,   145°  22.84' W
Elev. 3700 ft.