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Anemone multifida Poir.

12 photos.
The "cut-leaf anemone" or "early thimbleweed" is a species found in rocky alpine situations .

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 565003








1.  Late May.  A pair of stems with
drying blossoms.

2.  Late May.  Close-up side view of upper
portion of a plant from involucral bracts
to blossom.

3.  Late May.  Close-up top view of
a single blossom.

4.  Late May.  Close-up top view
of a white blossom.

5.  Early June.  Close-up top view
of a drying white blossom.

6.  Early June.  Capsules with remains of
stamens still present.  Note how the stalks
have elongated above the involucral bracts.

7.  Late June.  Close-up side view of a
seed head.

8.  Late June.  Close-up top view of a
seed head.

9.  Early June.  A basal leaf.

Anemone multifida
10.  May 30, 2010.  A group of plants.

Anemone multifida
11.  May 30, 2010.  Profile View of  four

Anemone multifida
12.  May 30, 2010.  Close-up profile view
of one of the blossoms in photo 11.

Photos 1-9 taken on a ridge 2 miles
southeast of Portage Summit.
65° 24.78' N,  144° 40.73' W
Elev. 2900 ft.

Photos 10-12 taken in the saddle between
Miller fork of Eagle Creek and Miller Creek.
65° 28.63' N,  145° 22.53' W
Elev. 3700 ft.