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Anemone multiceps (Greene) Standl.
Anemone drummondii S. Wats.

13 photos.
A blue-blossomed species known as the "Alaska blue anemone" or "Porcupine River thimbleweed".
Hultén considered A. multiceps to be a synonym for A. drummondii.  ITIS and GBIF consider
them separeate species.  The Flora of North America treats them as two species but wants more
information to declare the species distinct.  Reddish styles are an indication of A. multiceps.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 181874
ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 18440

1.  June 13, 2001.  Several plants with blue blossoms and yellow anthers.








2.  June 13, 2001.  Plant(s) with purple
blossoms and white anthers.

3.  June 13, 2001.  A single stem with basal leaves,
involucral bracts and blossom.

Anemone multiceps
4.  May 30, 2010.  Another top view of a
group of plants with bluish-white sepals,
white-tipped styles and yellow anthers
when fully developed

Anemone multiceps.
5.  May 30, 2010.  Close-up top view of a
Blossom with slightly blue sepals and
styles with reddish tips

Anemone multiceps
6.  May 30, 2010.  Plant in photo 5,
removed from soil.

7.  May 30, 2010. Profile view of a similar
species found within a few feet,
Anemone multifida, the cut-leaf


8.  May 28, 2011.  Plant with blue sepals,
styles some of which are pink while
others have white tips.  The involucral
bracts are hairy while the basal leaves are
nearly glabrous.

9.  May 28, 2011.  Top view of another
plant in the same area.

10.  May 28, 2011.  Plant with the flower
removed to show the involucral bracts
which in this case are 2-tiered and

Comment on photo 10.
According to the Flora of North America
A. drummondii is "extremely variable....
some plants appear intermediate between
this species and A multifida", which
is also extremely variable.  A. multifida
is listed as sometimes having 2-tiered
involucral bracts. 

11.  May 30. 2012.  Plant(s) with purple
flowers and fully developed yellow anthers.

12.  May 30. 2012.  Blossom with purple
petals, anthers still encased and styles with
pinkish tips.

13.  May 30. 2012.  Another entire plant.
Compare to photo 3.

All photos taken in the saddle between
Miller fork of Eagle Creek and Miller Creek.
65° 28.63' N,  145° 22.53' W
Elev. 3700 ft.