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Pyrola grandiflora Radius

13 photos.
A common woodland species known as the "large-flowered wintergreen" or "arctic wintergreen".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 23754

1.  Mid-June.  A large group of plants among Cornus canadensis.








2.  Late May.  Basal leaves before turning
green with flower stalk in bud.

3.  Late May.  Basal leaves with flower
stalk beginning to emerge.

4.  Late May.  Slightly different view
showing short stem.

5.  Mid June.  Basal leaves with elongated
stalk and individual blossoms emerging
from buds. Sepals are longer than the
emerging petals.

6.  Early June.  Similar to photo 5, but
emerging petals overshadow the sepals.
Basal leaves somewhat buried in moss.
Note bracts at base of lower pedicels

7.  Early June.  Plant with blossoms
in full bloom.

8.  Late June.  Close-up of upper
flower stalk.

9.  Close-up of upper blossom on stalk
in photo 8.

10.  Late June.  Basal leaves and lower
section of scape.  Note bracts on scape.

11.  June 12, 2009.  Top view of

12.  Profile view of  plant in bud.

13. June 10, 2013.  Emerging flower stalk
with expanding inflorescence.

Photo 1 taken along Steese Highway
just west of Central.

Photos 2-4, 6 and 7 taken south of Central
65°  33.84' N,  144° 48.46' W
Elev. 950 ft.

Photos 5 and 8-10 taken along Upper Bottom
Dollar road.
65°  25.2' N,   144°  48.5' W
Elev. 1900 ft.

Photo 11 taken along Harrison creek
between Bottom Dollar creek and
Squaw creek.
Latitude: N 65° 22' 46.42"
Longitude: W 144° 49' 59.718"
Altitude: 441.64 m

Photo 12 taken along the trail
to a thaw lake south of 134 mile
Steese Highway.
65° 35.8' N, 144° 36.738' W
Elev. 900 ft.

Photo 13, taken on the hillside
above Berry Camp
(Eagle creek).
Latitude: N 65° 26' 35.661
Longitude: W 145° 25' 45.40
Altitude: 946.14 m