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Androsace septentrionalis L.

9 photos.
A delicate little plant when first blooming, the "northern rockjasmine", "pygmyflower rockjasmine" or
"northern fairy candelabra" elongates with age to a height of 18 inches.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.23935

1.  Early June.  A group of plants with scapes varying in length from 3" to 12"
Note the remains of last year's plants.








2.  Early June.  two blooming plants one with
several scapes.

3.  Late June.  A group of plants after blooming.
Note how small the basal rosettes are.

4.  Early June.  A blooming plant with a
single scape.

5.  Early July.  Entire plant with 2 scapes and
root. Umbel is fully developed.

6.  Late June.  Plants with umbels fully expanded
and capsules fully developed. Blue-flowered
plant is Gentianella propinqua.

7.  Mid June.  Basal rosettes and lower scapes.
Note how red the scapes are with age.
Also note the scapes which failed to develop.

Androsace septentrionalis
8 . May 25, 2015.  Several plants on
decomposing granite at the base of granite

Androsace septentrionalis
9.  May 25, 2015.  Basal leaves of a plant
adjacent to the plants shown in photo 8.

Photos 1-4 taken at 9.5 mile
Portage Creek Road.
65°  25.192' N   144°  48.197
Elev. 1900 ft.

Photos 5, 6 and 8-9 taken along Upper Bottom
Dollar Road.
65°  25.2' N,   144°  48.5' W
Elev. 1900 ft.

Photo 7 taken on the Ketchem Rocks.
A series of granite tors located
six miles south of Central, Alaska.
65°  29.1' N,  144° 45.2' W
Elev. 1300 ft.