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Claytonia sarmentosa C.A. Mey

8 photos.
A delicate plant with threadlike runners known as the "Alaska spring beauty"  Often what
seems to be a group of plants is actually a single plant with the sections connected
by the runners.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 20380

1.  Early July.  A pair of white blossoms.  Note that the stamens have splayed outward
and the stigma is fully developed on the right blossom.








2.  Early July.  A stem with opposite stem
leaves and buds and blossoms on long

3.  Early July.  Two blossoms.  As in photo 1 the
stamens and stigmas are at different stages
in the two blossoms.

4.  Mid-June. A single fully developed

5.  Mid June.  Same blossom taken from
a different position.

6.  Early July.  Buds and blossoms with
a good view of the sepals.

7.  Early July.  A fully developed white

8.  Early July.  Blossom from photo 7.  Note the
long pedicel, the bud on a short pedicel and
the pair of opposite stem leaves.  No sepals.

Photo 1 taken on Mastodon
Creek beyond the end of the road.
65°  26.2' N,   145°  19.6' W
Elev. 3200 ft.

Photos 2, 3 and 6 taken in a ravine near
Twelvemile Summit.
65° 23.6' N, 145° 58.8' W
Elev. 2950 ft.

Photos 4 and 5 taken in the saddle between
the Left Fork of Mastodon Fork of
Eagle Creek and Baker Gulch.
65° 27.45' N,  145° 25.43' W
Elev. 3950 ft.

Photos 7 and 8 Taken near the
elevated sluicebox above 42 Gulch
on Mastodon Creek.
65°  26.6' N,   145°  19.2' W
Elev. 2950 ft.