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Claytonia acutifolia Pall. ex Schult.
Claytonia eschscholtzii Cham.
Claytonia acutifolia ssp. graminifolia Hultén

5 photos.
A species known as the "grassleaf spring beauty" or "Bering Sea spring beauty".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 20377

1.  A single prostrate plant.  All photos taken in early June.








2.  Two, maybe three plants.

3.  Close view of plant(s).

4.  Close-up of blossoms.

5.  Entire plant with long taproot. Note
that the plant branches just above the root.

All photos taken at 12.8 mile
Pinnell Mountain Trail.
N 65°  29.462' W,  145°  42.240'
Elev. 4200 ft.