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Rumex sibiricus Hultén

7 photos.
A bushy branched species known as "siberian dock".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 504919

1.  Late June.  Plant in bud.  Note the branching at the base.








2.  Late June.  Tip of a stalk in bud.

3.  Late June.  Close-up of stalk in photo 2
from a different angle.

4.  Early July.  Several stalks with buds and

5.  Early July.  Closer view.

6.  Early July.  Plant with buds and blossoms.

7.  Early July.  Base of a plant showing

Photos 1-3 taken along Steese Highway
near Quartz Creek.
65° 37.087' N,  144°  29.144' W
Elev. 800 ft.

Photos 4-7 taken near 140 mile
Steese Highway.