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Rumex arcticus Trautv.

9 photos.
A tall, usually unbranched species known as "arctic dock".
All photos taken in late June.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 20935








1.  Tip of a stalk in bud.

2.  Several stalks in bloom with last
year's stalks at right.

3.  Closer view of stalks in photo 2.

4.  Still closer view.

5.  and closer.

6.  Base of the plants in photos 2-5.

7.  Upper sections of a pair of stalks.

8. Lower sections of a pair of stalks.

9. Cross section close-up of the pair of stalks.

Photo 1 taken along the Steese Highway
east of Central.

Photos 2-9 taken along Steese Highway
near Quartz Creek.
65° 37.087' N, 144° 29.144' W
Elev. 800 ft.