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Polemonium caeruleum ssp. villosum
(J.H. Rudolph ex Georgi) Brand

Polemonium acutiflorum
Willd. ex Roemer & J.A. Schultes

19 photos.
A species known as the "tall Jacob's ladder"   The lowland plant is tall while the alpine plant is

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 526441








1.  Upper section of plant.

2.  Entire plant.

3.  Upper blossom clusters.

4.  Middle leaf.  Disregarding the apical
leaflet the top 5 pairs of leaflets are

5.  Basal leaf.  Disregarding the apical
leaflet the top pair of leaflets are


6.   June 21, 2009.  A large group of plants
growing at the edge of a swamp.

7. June 7, 2012.  A budding plant photographed
near the edge of a swamp.

P. acutiflorum is the only Polemonium
species in our area which has yellow anthers.

The lowland plant elongates quickly after
sprouting, reaching a height of 18-24 inches.
It has slightly hairy sepals and the leaflets
are 3 to 4 times as long s they are wide.

The alpine plant elongates slowly, often
being in full bloom while only  few (6)
inches tall.  The sepals are very hairy and
the leaflets are about twice as long as wide.

8 .  June 12, 2006.  Entire exposed plant with
buds beginning to open.

9.  June 18, 2007.  Side view of a terminal cluster
in bloom. The other clusters have begun
to separate as the stem elongates.

10.  June 18, 2007.  Another view of the plant in
photo 9.

11.  June 18, 2007.  Front view of the
inflorescence in photos 9 and 10.

12. June 18, 2007.  Basal leaves.

13.  June 18, 2007.  Another terminal cluster of
buds. With age the entire stem will elongate
separating the single cluster into several.

14.  June 22, 2008.  Upper section of plant after
stem has elongated with age.
Not the lower clusters on long pedicels
which arise from the axils of the stem leaves.

15.  Close-up of the terminal inflorescence
in photo 14.

16.  June 25, 2012.  A large group of plants
at an elevation of 3650 feet.

17.  June 25, 2012. Rare white-blossomed plants.
The topmost blossom at the upper-right
has begun to wither.

18.  June 25, 2012.  Close-up of the leftmost
terminal inflorescence from photo 17.  All of
blossoms except 1 have green anthers.
This may be the color after the discharge
of pollen.

19.  June 25, 2012. Close-up of a single
white blossom.

Photos 1-5 taken at a roadside
pond at 133.5 mile Steese Highway.
65° 35.764' N, 144° 37.268' W
Elev. 1000 ft.

Photos 6 and 7 taken south of Central
65°  33.84' N,  144° 48.46' W
Elev. 950 ft.

Photos 8-13 taken on
a ridge southeast of Eagle Summit.
65° 28.264' N, 145° 21.214' W
Elev. 4000 ft.

Photos 14-19  taken on Eagle Summit
at the Pinnell trailhead.
65° 29.085' N, 145° 24.987' W
Elev. 3650 ft.