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Collomia linearis Nutt.

3 photos.
An annual known as the "narrow-leaved Collomia", "slender Collomia",
"narrowleaf mountain trumpet" and "tiny trumpet"

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 31041

Collomia linearis
1.  July 3, 2010.  Top view of a plant with buds and blossoms.








Collomia linearis
2 .  July 3, 2010.  Profile flash photo of
several plant including the plant in photo 1.

Collomia linearis
3.  July 3, 2010.  Top view of four plants from
photo 2.

All photos taken along the Dalton highway
just north of the Yukon river.
65°  52.83' N,   149°  43.14' W
Elev. 300 ft.