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Lycopus asper Greene

6 photos.
An introduced species (GBIF lists one occurrance in Alaska at Circle Hot Springs) known
as the "rough water-horehound", "rough bugleweed" or "western bugleweed".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 32256








1.  July 22, 2009.  A large group of plants
along a warm water creek.

2.  July 22, 2009.  Mid-section of a stem
with leaves, buds and blossoms.

3.  July 12, 2009.  Mid-section of a plant
with blossoms in full bloom.

4.  July 22, 2009.  Entire plants, L. asper on
the left and Mentha arvensis on the right.

5.  July 12, 2009. Close-up of a leaf.

6.  July 12, 2009.  Close-up of roots.

All photos taken at taken at Circle Hot Springs
65°  28.96' N,  144° 38.32' W
Elev. 900 ft.