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Ribes triste Pallas

17 photos.
This species of roadsides, rocks, woods and swamps produces a red berry and is known as the "northern red currant",
"American red currant" or "red swamp currant".  While very tart, the berry makes a good jelly.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 24504








1.  Early June.  A blooming plant with
fairly well developed leaves.

2.  Late May.  Blossoms just above the
woody old growth,  The leaves are part of
the new growth which later in the season
will consist of an elongated stem and
fully developed, long-petioled leaves.

3.  Blossoms, buds and leaves with thick

4.  Berries in loose clusters hanging from
peeling, woody old growth with the
long, somewhat reddish-petioled leaves
on the smooth new growth.

5.  Leaves with long, thin, scarlet petioles
beginning to assume fall color.

6.  Leaves in brilliant, red-orange, fall color.

7.  May 21, 2009.  Early stage of leaves and buds.

8.  May 28, 2009.  Several stems with a large
number of blossoms and a few leaves.

9.  May 28, 2009.  Close view of a stem
with a large number of blossoms.

10. May 28, 2009.Flower clusters with leaves.
Note the exterior ovaries in various stages of
development and the structure of the peduncles.

11.  May 21, 2009.  Close-up of a few

12.  100% view of photo 11.

13.  May 28, 2009.  Leaves and blossoms
with petals having a lighter color than
usual.  Note the clusters have already

14.  June 15, 2009.  A cluster of green berries.

15.  June 15, 2009.  Four berry clusters infested
with a fungus.  I found no berries in this area
that managed to survive long enough to turn red.

16.  Plant with berries and reddish leaves.
This color is not the bright orange
which is seen in the fall.

17.  Close-up of the upper leaves in
photo 16.  Note the peeling bark.

Photos 1 and 2 taken along Upper Bottom
Dollar Road.
65°  25.8' N,   144°  50.3' W
Elev. 2100 ft.

Photo 3 taken on a hillside
above Nugget Gulch
Nugget Gulch is mislabeled on the USGS map
65° 25.9' N, 144° 50.3' W
Elev. 2200 ft.

Photo 4 taken near a lake north
of 133 mile Steese Highway.
65° 36' N, 144° 38' W
Elev. 950 ft.

Photo 5 taken in the woods above the
granite tors near Bottom Dollar Creek.
65° 25.3' N, 144° 48.6' W
Elev. 1900 ft.

Photo 6 taken near 5.2 mile
Portage Creek road.
65° 26.28' N, 144° 41.04' W
Elev. 1800 ft.

Photos 7-14 taken adjacent to a thaw
lake south of 134 mile Steese
65° 35.61' N, 144° 36.82' W
Elev. 900 ft.

Photos 15 and 16 taken 0.5 miles south
of the larger Birch Creek pingo.
Latitude: N 65° 41' 53.386"
Longitude: W 144° 23' 52.202"
Altitude: 233.74 m.