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Oxytropis campestris (L.) DC

8 photos.
Some plants have yellow blossoms while other plants have white blossoms.
Common names are "yellow oxytrope", "late yellow locoweed", "northern yellow locoweed" and
"field locoweed".  Three of the twelve varieties are found in alaska.  This is probably variety varians
which may be either yellow or white, although variety jordallii which has a more compact inflorescence
also has yellow and white forms.   See:  Molecular Ecology (2004)13, 3657–3673.
Photos 1-4 were moved to Oxytropis maydelliana.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No.26166








5.  Mid-June.  Top view of plant with
white blossoms.

6.  Side view of plant in photo 6.

7.  View of budding spike and leaves
on plant in photos 6 and 7.

8.  Late June.  A group of roadside plants.
Camera automatic color balance yielded a blue
cast to photos 8-10.

9 .  Close-up of the front plant in photo 8.

10.  Closer view of a spike on the plant in
photo 9.

11.  June 7, 2010.  Several flower stalks
with yellow blossoms.

12.  Close-up view of yellow-flowered

Photos 5-7 taken along the Steese
Expressway near Fairbanks.

Photos 8-10 taken along the Steese
Highway between 50 mile and 75 mile.

Photos 11 and 12 taken along
Airport Way in Fairbanks.