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Hedysarum alpinum L.

11 photos.
This species is variable with few to many stems often appearing as a small bush and referred to as
"Indian sweet potato"," Eskimo potato", "sweet broom", "Alaska carrot", etc.  The inflorescence
is elongated with the individual blossoms appearing to be on one side of the stalk (photo 3).

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 26723








1.  Mid-June.  Close-up of a section
of a flower stalk.  Plant has just

2.  Mid-June.  Closer view of stalk
in photo 1.

3.  Late August.  Close-up of tip of a
late-blooming stalk.  Note the pedicels
bend to place the blossoms on one side
of the stalk.

4.  Mid-July.  Several fading flower stalks
which are beginning to dry out.

5.  Mid-July.  Several flower stalks
with faded blossoms and seed pods

6.  Late June.  Bush with lower blossoms
on stalks beginning to fade while
tips of stalks are still in bud.

7.  Early July.  Another bush with
fading blossoms.

8.  Mid-July.  100% crop of a section
of photo 5 showing loments.

9.  July 2, 2009.  Rare white blossoms.

10.  July 8, 2010.  Bushes, foreground
and background.

11.  September 17, 2012.  Seed pods (loments).

This is a roadside plant and often there were
many plants stretching for miles along the road.
Notes taken with the photos did not yield
more than an approximation of the
location .

Photos 1 and 2 taken along the
Steese Highway between 63 and 65 mile.

Photos 3 and 6 taken along the
Steese Highway on Eagle Summit
near the Pinnell Mountain Trail.

Photos 4 and 5 taken along the
Steese Highway just west of Central
near 126 mile.

Photo 7 taken near 2 mile
Circle Hot Springs Road.

Photo 9 taken 8 miles south of
Coldfoot, Alaska along the Alaska

Photo 10 taken on the west side
approach to Eagle Summit.  Approximately
104 mile Steese Highway.

Photo 11 taken at 1 mile Circle
Hot Springs road.