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Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.
Vaccinium vitis-idaea ssp. minus (Lodd.) Hultén

15 photos.
A small, low, creeping, berry-producing, evergreen shrub commonly known as the
"lingonberry", "lowbush cranberry", "mountain cranberry" or "rock cranberry".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 505637

1.  Mid-June.  A group of  terminal blossom clusters.








2.  Late April.  Leaves in winter color.

3.  Late May.  Green leaves with buds.

4.  Mid-June.  Buds with berries from the
previous year.  Note the poor condition
of the leaves.

5.  Mid-June.  Slightly pink flower clusters
viewed in profile

6.  Mid-June. Another cluster, again slightly
pink.  Note the spots on the underside of
the leaf.  These spots are characteristic of
the species.

7.  Mid-June.  Front view of a terminal
cluster of blossoms with a yellow cast
to the pink color.

8.  Late June.  Front view of a terminal
cluster of blossoms with very little color.

9.  Early September.  Berries of V. vitis-idaea
above left and Arctostaphylos uvi-ursi below

10.  Early September.  Ripe berries on plants
trailing over rocks.

11.  Early September.  Ripe clusters of berries.
2007 was a good berry year with most
blossoms in some areas producing a berry.
In 2008 with clouds and rain from mid-June
through August, normally good-producing
areas produced few berries.

12.  Early September.  Picked berries.

13. Spring leaves of various colors.

14.  May 13, 2009.  Gray leaves with a
magenta cast.

15. April 28, 2009.  Red leaves beginning to
turn color.