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Vaccinium oxycoccos L.

7 photos.
This small, creeping, evergreen, tundra plant with multiple flower stalks is commonly known as
the "bog cranberry" or "small cranberry".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 505635








1.  Mid-June.  Buds arising from spindly
stalks with few tiny leaves.

2.  Late June.  Two blossoms.

3.  Early July.  Developing berries from
plants growing with Equisetum scirpoides.

4.  Late August.  Ripening berries among
lichens and Ledum species.

5.  Late August.  A pair of almost ripe

6.  Late August.  Side view of a
single berry.

7.  Late August.  A group of fully
ripe berries.  Note that the tiny leaves
have begun to turn color.

Vaccinium oxycoccos
8. June 14, 2016.  Blossoms and buds.

Photos 1 and 4-7 taken near upper Half Dollar
65° 25.54' N, 144° 46.51' W
Elev. 2000 ft.

Photo 2 taken along Lower Bottom
Dollar Road
65°  25.8' N,   144°  48.6' W
Elev. 1900 ft.

Photo 3 taken near the Birch
Creek Pingo.
65°  42.25' N,   144°  23.66' W
Elev. 700 ft.

Photo 8 taken above the culvert
of the South Fork of Easley Creek
at 4.8 mile Circle Hot Springs Road.
65° 31.22' N, 144° 43.23' W
Elev. 900 ft.