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Rhododendron tomentosum Harmaja
Ledum palustre L.

17 photos.
This species is known as "marsh Labrador tea" or "narrowleaf Labrador tea".  Unless you're
a big fan of cramps and paralysis it might be best to pass on this one.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 894434

1.  The species in habitat.  Palustre is more prevalent than groenlandicum in the higher
elevations although both are found side by side in both high and low elevations.








2.  Early June.  Two stems with buds.

3.  Early June.  Several flowering stems.

4.  Early June.  Top view of a blooming

5 .  Early June.  Side view of a cluster

6.  Late June.  Top view of several
clusters with the outer members in
bloom and the inner members in bud.

7.  Early July.  Developing capsules.

8.  Mid-June.  Sprigs and leaves from five plants.
The three on the left are from L. groenlandicum,
the two on the right are from L. palustre.

9.  Mid-June.  Similar but a top view with
L. palustre on the left and 3 of L. groenlandicum
on the right.

10.  May 14, 2009.  Upper portions of
two stems prior to greening..

11.  May 14, 2009.  Upper stems of several
plants, some with last year's capsules.

12.  June 4, 2009.  Several plants with blossoms
either budding or in early bloom.  Note some
of the plants have white buds rather than pink.

13 June 4, 2009.  Close-up of blossoms
just beginning to bloom.

14.  June 25, 2009. A cluster of plants which
have gone to seed.

15.  July 11, 2009.  Close-up of upper
stem with capsules.

16.  June 25, 2012.  A very young imbranched
plant.  Flowers drying with red styles

17.  July 6, 2013.  Profile view of several
flowering stems.

Photo 1 taken 1.5 miles northeast
of Portage Summit.
65° 26.46' N, 144° 47.50' W
Elev. 2650 ft.

Photos 2-5 taken along small road
on Eagle Summit.
65° 29.05' N,  145 °24.10' W
Elev. 3750 ft.

Photo 6 taken on Eagle Summit
at the Pinnell trailhead.
65° 29.085' N, 145° 24.987' W
Elev. 3650 ft.

Photo 7 and 10-15 taken in a bog next to
a thaw lake south of 134 mile Steese
65° 35.60' N, 144° 36.80' W
Elev. 900 ft.

Photos 8 and 9 taken near
near upper Half Dollar Creek.
65° 25.51' N, 144° 46.60' W
Elev. 2000 ft.

Photo 16 taken southwest of the Mountain
labeled Eagle Summit (USGS).
Latitude: N 65° 28' 49.1"
Longitude: W 145° 24' 14.4"
Altitude: 1087 m.

Photo 17 taken on the Central
side of Eagle Summit.
65°  30.0' N,   145°  22.6' W
Elev. 3750 ft.