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Rhododendron groenlandicum (Oeder) Kron & Judd
Ledum groenlandicum Oeder

18 photos.
This common plant is known as "bog Labrador tea" or "rusty Laborador tea"and is
common troughout the area.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 520050








1.  Mid April.  Leaves drooping, this group
of plants await the coming of warm
weather.  This group has exceptionally
broad leaves.

2.  Mid April.  Plant with brown leaves
and buds just showing signs of

3.  Mid April.  Close-up of underside
of leaves in winter color.

4.  Late May.  Plant with green leaves and
open capsules from the previous year.

5.  Mid-June.  Wide-leaved plant with a
flower bud.

6.  Mid-June.  Flower bud on left and an
opening leaf bud on the right.

7.  Early June.  Flower bud just beginning
to open.

8.  Mid-June.  Flower bud farther along.

9.  Mid-June.  Underside of leaves, note the
hairy stem.

10.  Late June.  Flower buds with pedicels.

11.  Mid-June.  Blossoms. Identity not positive,
leaves may be narrow enough to be L. palustre.

12.  Late June.  Blossoms.

13.  Mid-June.  Leaf views.

14.  Early July.  Capsules developing.

15.  Mid-October.  Stems in fall colors and
covered with ice.

16.  Mid-June.  Sprigs and leaves from five plants.
The three on the left are from L. groenlandicum,
the two on the right are from L. palustre.

17.  Mid-June.  Similar but a top view with
L. palustre on the left and 3 of L. groenlandicum
on the right.

18.  May 14, 2009.  Plants with leaves showing
two colors in early spring.

Photos 1, 5, 8 and 9 taken along Upper
Bottom Dollar Road.
65°  25.5' N,   144°  49.4' W
Elev. 2000 ft.

Photos 2, 3 ,11and 18 adjacent to a thaw
lake south of 134 mile Steese
65° 35.69' N, 144° 36.74' W
Elev. 900 ft.

Photos 4, 6, 10, 12, 13, 16 and 17
near upper Half Dollar
65° 25.51' N, 144° 46.60' W
Elev. 2000 ft.

Photo 7 taken at 133.6 mile
Steese Highway.
65° 35.85' N, 144° 36.84' W
Elev. 900 ft.

Photo 14 taken in a bog next to a thaw
lake south of 134 mile Steese
65° 35.60' N, 144° 36.80' W
Elev. 900 ft.

Photo 14 taken adjacent to the
airport at Central.
65° 34.3' N,  144° 47.2' W
Elev. 900 ft.