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Silene uralensis ssp. uralensis (Rupr.) Bocquet

8 photos.
The "mountain campion" or "apetalous catchfly" formerly Melandrium apetalum (L.) Fenzl, and
Lychnis apetala L..  "Apetalous" means "without petals" since the fennoscandian subspecies has petals which
barely emerge from the calyx.  Anyway, the Alaskan subspecies is ssp. uralensis for which ITIS
has dropped the common name "mountain campion" preferring "apetalous catchfly".

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 20134








1.  Early July.  Front view showing the
petals which belie the common name.

2.  Mid-June.  Side view of a blossom.

3.  Mid-June.  Another front view of a blossom.

4.  Mid-June.  Top view of several plants.

5.  Early July.  Plant in fruit.  Notice
the capsules are erect rather than
drooping and the basal leaves have
lengthened considerably.

6.  Close-up of capsules in photo 5.

7.  June 5, 2009.  Side view of plant(s) in
full bloom.

8.   June 5, 2009.  Top view of plant(s) in
photo 7.

Photo 1 taken on a hillside
above the Pinnell Mountain Trail
near milepost 2.
65° 29.8' N, 145° 28.1' W
Elevation 3700 ft.

Photos 2-4 taken along small road
on Eagle Summit.
65° 29.05' N, 145 °24.10' W
Elev. 3750 ft.



Photos 5 and 6 taken at the confluence
of Miller and Mastodon Forks of
Eagle Creek.
65° 27.10' N, 145 °25.57' W
Elev. 2700 ft.

Photos 7 and 8 taken on a ridge just east
of Eagle Summit.
65°  29.5' N,   145°  23.28' W
Elev. 3800 ft.