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Thlaspi arvense L.

5 photos.
A widespread weed known as "pennycress", "fanweed", "Frenchweed" and "stinkweed".
There was an odor, however the leach field at Circle hot springs drained
into the area where the plant was found.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No .23422








1.  June 22, 2009.  A group of plants.

2.  June 22, 2009.  Upper end of a flower
spike.  The spike blooms from the bottom.

3.  June 22, 2009.  Mid section of a spike.

4.  July 22, 2009.  Ripening seed pods.

5.  July 22, 2009.  Seeds from one of the pods
in photo 4.

All photos taken at Circle Hot Springs
65°  29.04' N,  144° 38.27' W
Elev. 900 ft.