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Neslia paniculata (L.) Desv.

11 photos.
The "ballmustard" or "yellow ball-mustard" is a common introduced weed found on roadsides and other
disturbed places. It is one of the first plants to colonize overburden piles from placer mining.
Unlike many northern plants, it does not reproduce vegitatively.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 23261

1.  A group of roadside plants along the Steese highway below Eagle summit.








2. Early July.  Another group with fireweed
along an old mining road.

3. Early July.  Entire plant.

4.  Top of plant.

5.  Mid-section of plant.

6.  Single leaf.

7.  Root and base of plant.

8.  Late August.  Seed Pods.

9.  Late August.  Seed Pods dried and opening.

10. July 1, 2011.  Profile close-up
of the upper portion of a plant in bloom.

11. July 31, 2011.  Plant in photo 10, in
seed 30 days later.


Photo 1 taken beside Steese Highway
at the gate east of Eagle Summit.
65°  31' N,   145°  14' W
Elev. approx. 2000 ft.

Photos 2-7 taken along Upper Bottom
Dollar Creek Road.
65°  25.25' N,   144°  48.65' W
Elev. 1900 ft.

Photos 8-11 taken south of Central.
65°  34' N,  144°  48' W
Elev. 900 ft.