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Barbarea orthoceras Ledeb.

9 photos.
Known as the "northern wintercress" or "American yellowrocket", this plant is found in low and high
elevations.  The leaves of the species vary in color from green to deep red (maroon) to gray.

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 22740








1.  Early July.  The terminal cluster.  The seed
pods (siliques) are beginning to elongate.
The lower flowers on the plant bloomed
earlier and the pods are quite long

2.  Early June.  Upper part of plant with
the lower flowers in bloom.

3.  Early June.  Upper part of a plant with
dark leaves.  The lower part of this
plant had red stems and gray leaves.
The flowers of the plants with the
darker leaves are often tinged with red
as seen here.

4.  Early June.  A green mid-stem leaf
arising in an area where the stem color
is changing.

5.  Mid-June.  A plant with reddish-gray,
gray, and green leaves and a stem which
is red at the base of the plant and
green at the tip.  Note large apical lobes
on the basal leaves.

6.  Mid-June.  A plant similar to the
plant in 5.

7.  Early June.  A young plant with dark red
and dark gray leaves and a dark red

8.  Close-up of stem leaf in 7.

9.  Close-up of top of plant in 7.