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Boechera divaricarpa (A. Nelson) Á. Löve & D. Löve
Arabis X divaricarpa A. Nelson (pro. sp.)

3 Photos
A tall white-flowered species known as the "spreading rockcress" or "spreadingpod rockcress".
According to ITIS, Boechera divicarpa is not found in Alaska however GBIF indicates it is present.  The petals
are supposedly purple (Hultén, FNA) which gives rise to the common name "purple rockcress",
however most if not all of the photos on the internet show blossoms with white petals

ITIS Taxonomic Serial No. 509584








1.  June 7, 2009.  Upper Stem with

2.  June 7, 2009.  Closer view of the plant in
photo 1.

3.  June 7, 2009.  Several plants.

All photos taken at the Birch Creek canoe
landing near 140 mile Steese highway.
65°  38.29' N,   144°  25.92' W
Elev. 700 ft.